Alberta's Iron Horse Trail

Alberta's Iron Horse
Trail System

The Iron Horse Trail, a recreational trail in Alberta, Canada, traces the route of a disused Canadian National Railway line. The trail winds through diverse landscapes, including rolling hills, farmlands, and forests. As it passes through small towns and communities, it offers ample opportunities to explore local culture and history.Accessible year-round, the trail accommodates activities such as UTV, hiking, cycling, horseback riding, wagon rides, and snowmobiling. It also provides access to fishing, wildlife viewing, and birdwatching opportunities. The Iron Horse Trail is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs, offering a unique chance to experience Alberta's natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.

Iron Horse
Trail Regions

The Iron Horse Trail, situated within the Boreal forest of the Lakelands, is divided into three regions: the western region, the northeast region, and the southeast region.