Parkland Region

Aspen Region

The Parkland Region is defined by a transition between the grasslands and forests, and is a unique place found only in North America. Alberta is home to the largest remaining blocks of Parkland in the world, making it a hub of natural beauty, cultural diversity, and recreational activity. This region offers a variety of experiences, including agri-tourism, eco-museums, and numerous annual fairs and events. It is perfect for activities like wildlife viewing, hiking, cycling, and camping.


Escape to the beauty of the Parkland Region, where the grasslands meet the forests. Discover the region's natural beauty with recreational activities like hiking, wildlife viewing, and cycling, or enjoy a peaceful camping trip. Experience the Ukrainian Village, a living history museum showcasing the Ukrainian settlement in Canada, or retreat to the Elk Island Retreat, offering cozy accommodations and access to the stunning Elk Island National Park. The Parkland Region offers a unique blend of nature and culture, making it the perfect destination for any adventurer.