Signature Experience

Metis Crossing

Métis Crossing, situated on the original river lots of Métis settlers in the late 1800s, proudly stands as Alberta's first Métis cultural interpretive center. Visitors can drop in for an enriching cultural tour or choose to camp in a replica fur trapper tent, immersing themselves in the Métis heritage. For a truly immersive indigenous experience, the Victoria Trail Voyageur Experience is a must. This interactive tour takes you on a journey through Métis Crossing, where you'll learn to set a beaver trap, savor dried bison, and dance a lively Red River jig—an essential part of any authentic Métis celebration. Knowledgeable costumed interpreters will guide you through the historical village, teaching you the art of weaving a Métis sash on a loom. Finally, embark on a voyageur canoe and paddle along the river, following in the footsteps of fur traders from centuries past. To conclude the experience, a tour of Victoria Settlement, a former fur trade fort, awaits, providing further insights into the rich history of the region.