24 Hours at Métis Crossing

24 Hours at Métis Crossing

Shooting arrows from a bow is just one of many incredible things to try at Métis Crossing, a cultural hub of activity on the North Saskatchewan River Valley northeast of Edmonton. Métis Crossing—built on original river lots of Métis who settled the area in the 1860s—is perfect for families to have a great time while finding out more about Alberta’s—and Canada’s— Métis history. Create with Indigenous artists. Sample buttery bannock. Sleep in a Sky Watching Dome. See a white bison, or “bufloo” in Mitchif, the Métis language.


Métis Crossing is a 110 kms northeast of Edmonton. On more than 600 acres of riverbank—with road and river access both—stands a 40 room lodge, cultural gathering centre, barns, gardens and dwellings, camping area, playground, stage and fire circle classroom.


Decide how in depth you want to get. With admission, roam the massive grounds on your own among displays, nature trails, historic village and river lot farmyard. Talk with Cultural Experience Providers who will share experiences and answer questions. Superb Signature Experiences that change with the seasons, however, can’t be beat for interactive fun and a deeper understanding of the Métis. Always check the site for programs and times.

Get Wild

See elk or a white bufloo! Combine cultural learning with a legendary wildlife experience on Visions, Hopes and Dreams at Métis Crossing Wildlife Park Signature Experience. Learn about the significance of bison and other rare heritage species to the Métis. Enter the paddock safely to get close to rare white bison, wood bison, plains bison, elk, and Percheron horses.

Through the Eye of the Hunter

See Through the Eye of the Hunter, a more in depth experience, as a blend of Métis culture, done mostly outdoors. Highlights:

  • Be immersed in Métis culture and ways of knowing on a historic Métis river lot
  • Practice skills with a bow and arrows
  • Identify plants, animals and animal signs

Another Signature Experience involves paddling on a traditional canoe to Victoria Settlement, learning finger weaving, and dancing a jig!


Bison, duck, elk, trout, saskatoon berries, raspberries, bannock. Expect some or all on a scrumptious changing seasonal menu. Upholding the Métis tradition of living off the land, the chef collects ingredients from the restaurant’s own “food forest” or local producers.

Dine with sweeping views of the North Saskatchewan River or next to the two storey rock fireplace. A bistro at the lodge with access to the riverfront patio has snacks, boxed lunches, coffee and refreshments. Or, order a lunch or “Grub” box to go!


Métis were born from the unions of European fur traders and Indigenous women during the fur trade. Descendants of these marriages, the Métis would form a distinct culture and strong Nationhood primarily in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.


Luxury Sky Watching Domes are an epic addition. Through a transparent ceiling, your family will not only marvel at the night stars, but how the Métis studied the skies to know when to plant, hunt or work the land. Have fun getting the kids to sleep in the family pod—with bathroom, heated floors, kitchenette, electricity and beds for up to six people.

Forty boutique rooms in The Lodge at Métis Crossing overlook the North Saskatchewan River. Bright and decorated in traditional quilts, luxury suites are bookable with a private patio, or with bunks for families, or for accessibility.

Other options: book a comfort camping trapper’s tent, RV or tent site on the banks of the river.

Make extra time:

Workshops - Métis Traditional Art Programs - The Centre offers a roster of five hour arts or crafts programs, led by Métis artists and hosts. Learn how to make traditional Métis Christmas crafts, warm capotes, or colourful skirts and shawls.