Ice Hut Luxe in the Lakeland

Ice Hut Luxe in the Lakeland - Sleep on the Ice, Fish from your Bunk

Pulling a fish out of a hole in the ice is magic. First, you augur a hole in the middle of a frozen lake, bait your line, drop it in the inky black liquid darkness that is any lake in Northeast Alberta, and wait. Silently, or chatting among your mates, you wait like a polar bear next to a seal hole. Then, a nibble, or raised flag, compels you to pay attention, and you pull in a perfect and gorgeous beaut of a fish, perhaps a perch or northern pike.

Make some magic with your kids or your buds. Choose from the spots listed here—why not try a new place—and make it a road trip, whether you’re glamping it up or doing it yourself.

Fishapalooza Ice Hut Rentals, Lac La Biche

Catch fish right from a comfy hut. Overnighting on the ice means the possibility of more magic: the northern lights! Two life long friends, Michael Yakuba and Kyle Rose, shared a passion for ice fishing, and in 2021 started Fishapalooza Ice Hut Rentals in Lac La Biche, one of Lakeland’s best ice fishing lakes. The large, shallow Lac La Biche is home to northern pike, walleye, perch, and lake trout, as well as whitefish and burbot. The huts these guys built are no slapped together slabs on the ice. Five luxury ice huts range from 80 to 200 square feet, sleep from two to six anglers, and are now available for booking. Huts, from the sharp looking Woody Cedar Trailer to the Silver Surfer range from $200 to $425 per night, with four to eight pre drilled holes. All have two night minimums.

All huts have propane heaters, community barbecues, kitchenette with everything you need, one or two Smart TVs, underwater fish cam, generator power, outhouse or bathroom and safety equipment.

You can even bring your dog. Check the website for what else you need to bring. Email to book.

Evergreen Birch Lodge, Cold Lake

Ice shacks are available to rent for the day or overnight from Anglers Bait Tackle and More. Kim Grey is a fishing guide associated with Anglers and is located at Evergreen Birch Lodge in Alberta. He has many years of experience angling on Cold Lake and nearby lakes. Kim offers guided fishing charters in summer and winter, as well as ice fishing shacks to rent for the day or overnight.

This deep, clear lake is home to a variety of fish species, including northern pike, walleye, yellow perch, and lake trout.

Evergreen Birch Lodge Resort also has year round accommodations just a few short minutes from Cold Lake, as well as lodges, cottages, and suites. Call 780 639-3114 or email for information.

Kinosoo Ice Shack Rentals, Cold Lake

Ice fish with Kinosoo Ice Shack Rentals on beautiful Cold Lake, Alberta! Northbrush Trailer Jack Rentals, which rents trailers; and Wicked Watersport Rentals, which rents watersport equipment, have teamed up to rent ice shacks. Both the Red Ice Shack and the newer spiffier Green Ice Shack are trailers on wheels that rent for $200 a night. Call or text 780-201-7693 to reserve.

Cold Lake is one of Alberta’s largest and deepest lakes, once called Coldwater Lake by early fur traders and the Indigenous people in the area for its relatively cold waters year round.

Winefred Lake Outfitters, Winefred Lake

Journey to Winefred Lake Outfitters on an all weather road to spend a day in the world of a Métis wilderness trapper, learning about this timeless and traditional way of life. A day of ice fishing with a guide enhances any winter experience and gives you a chance to fish for Winefred Lake’s renowned trophy fish swimming beneath the ice. Basic cabins—on shore—are available for rent.

Winefred Lake is two hours north of Lac La Biche. Call (780) 404-3822 or (780) 404-3213 or email to inquire about ice fishing experiences and directions.

Grist Haven Lodge, Grist Lake

Just south of Winefred Lake is year round Grist Haven Lodge on tiny Grist Lake’s south shore. The main lodge is log constructed and there are six additional cabins for rent. Grist Lake is a small, deep lake three miles long and 300 feet deep in places, home to lake trout, whitefish and northern pike. Call 780 594-1254 or email to book or inquire about available dates.

Do it Yourself

When you’re not watching the game on a comfy couch in a warm hut with your line in the fishing hole, don’t forget the magic and nostalgia of peering down the fishing hole into that black liquid coolness.

Want to do it yourself? On My Wild Alberta find information on setting up an ice shack legally, gearing up, regulations, fish handling and ice safety tips. Find out about fishing licences here.

Download the Alberta RELM app at the Apple App Store or on Google Play, set up an account and get your licence. Here is a simple Infographic on how to purchase an Alberta Sportfishing Licence.

There is no shortage of ice fishing lakes in Alberta. Try Pigeon Lake, south of Edmonton, which also has rental huts, or Wabamum, west of Edmonton, for winter glamping.