Welcome to the Smoky Lake Pumpkin Fair & Weigh Off!

It's All About The Food!

What is a fair without food? Food vendors and trucks will be scattered throughout the community offering tempting morsels including mini donuts and kettle corn. For local flavours, home made ice cream and Ukrainian plates heaped with perogies and sausage are sure to whet any appetite.

Of course, there will be pumpkin treats; pies, muffins, cinnamon buns, cheesecake and more. Stock up on delicious goodies to take home.

Vendors and Establishments:

History of the Pumpkin Fair

Originally a friendly neighborhood competition, the Pumpkin Fair has grown into an iconic event that draws visitors from all around. It started as a local contest, but now it`s known for hosting the Great White North Pumpkin Weigh Off – an event that sees some of Canada`s largest pumpkins, squash, watermelons, and gourds on the scales. The fair has expanded far beyond its humble beginnings to become a celebration of all things pumpkin and more.

Event Names and Mandate:

The event is commonly referred to as the Smoky Lake Pumpkin Fair & Weigh Off. The Great White North Pumpkin Weigh Off focuses on the weighing part, while the Pumpkin Fair encompasses everything else. The primary mandate of the Pumpkin Fair is to provide a family-friendly environment where people can enjoy a wide range of activities and attractions while witnessing the spectacular weighing of enormous pumpkins.

What to Expect at the Fair:

The Pumpkin Fair offers a diverse array of activities for everyone. Apart from the awe-inspiring weigh-off competition, visitors can explore a multi-location farmers' market, experience threshing demonstrations, savor delicious food options, indulge in cultural showcases, navigate through a corn maze, admire a car show and shine, enjoy the midway rides, witness the pumpkin drop spectacle, participate in perogy eating contests, and this year, for the first time, celebrate Family Day. Additionally, a partnership with Metis Crossing offers Harvest Dinner and Experiences. The fair kicks off with a Friday night dance and features beer gardens.

Significance for Vendors:

Hundreds of vendors converge at the Pumpkin Fair, offering an extensive variety of local products, pumpkin-related items, and other unique offerings. From delectable local cuisines to culturally-inspired foods, the fair becomes a hub of diverse flavors and experiences.

Weigh Off Prizes:

The weigh off competition rewards winners with both cash prizes and coveted trophies. The event isn't just limited to pumpkins; it embraces a variety of produce, including watermelons, gourds, and different kinds of squash. Notably, Canadian record holders have emerged from this very competition.

Family Day and its Uniqueness:

Sunday is designated as Family Day at the fair. On this day, a mini weigh off takes place alongside a bench show and children's activities. Vendors, food trucks, and the farmers' market continue to operate, but on a smaller scale, ensuring that the younger audience has an enjoyable experience tailored just for them.

Contributors and Participants:

The Smoky Lake Pumpkin Growers spearhead this grand event, with support from various local organizations including Farmers' Market, Minor Hockey, Chipman Car Club, Grad Class, Kinettes, Lions, Fire Department, Ukrainian National Hall, Ag Society, Heritage Board, local businesses, Museum, and more. The event comes together through the collaborative efforts of these community stakeholders.

Highlights of the Weigh Off:

The Weigh Off is a thrilling event where all entries are meticulously weighed. The event is accompanied by lively entertainment, with AJ Keller serving as the master of ceremonies. Live music, delicious food, and even an auction of some entries take place. Engaging contests like ``guess the weight`` add an interactive element to the event.

Getting Around and Parking:

The main event happens on Saturday, with more limited options on Sunday. Continuous shuttle buses are available on Saturday for easy transportation, while Sunday mainly relies on personal vehicles. The promotion of walkability in the town encourages attendees to explore various venues on foot.

Delightful Culinary Offerings:

Food enthusiasts will be delighted by a wide range of options, including pumpkin pie, perogies, mini donuts, homemade ice cream, kettle corn, sausage, and authentic Ukrainian cuisine. These offerings cater to the diverse tastes of up to 10,000 attendees.

Souvenirs and Instagram-Worthy Spots:

Pumpkin-themed souvenirs can be found at the main vendor tent near the Pavilion and at the CN Station. As for Instagram enthusiasts, Pumpkin Park, the pumpkin drop site, the museum's threshing site, and the CN Station offer picturesque settings that are perfect for capturing memorable moments.

Comprehensive Event Coverage:

From the grand weighing ceremony to the captivating Family Day activities, the Smoky Lake Pumpkin Fair & Weigh Off is a culmination of community spirit and shared excitement. Whether it's the growers, organizers, vendors, entertainers, or visitors, everyone contributes to making this event an unforgettable experience. So come join us and be part of this annual tradition that celebrates pumpkins, community, and fun!