Situated east of Edmonton with the North Saskatchewan River basin is Canada's largest Ecomuseum and Alberta’s most celebrated cultural landscape. Known as “Kalyna Country” literally, the land of the high bush cranberry, this unique heritage conservation area encompasses a picturesque territory that is four times the size of Prince Edward Island.

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Kalyna Country, boasting an impressive 20,000 square kilometers, proudly holds the title of the `Canada's Largest Ecomuseum.` To put its size into perspective, it spans over three times the area of Prince Edward Island. Situated in Alberta, east and north of Edmonton, its boundaries encompass a vast region that includes the renowned Edna-Star colony, a significant part of Canada's first Ukrainian Block Settlement. Comparable to Cajun Country's significance to Cajun culture, Kalyna Country holds a special place for Ukrainian Canadians. At its peak, it stood as the world's largest Ukrainian settlement outside of Eastern Europe.

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